Chairman's Message
Technology plays a dominant role in the economic and societal development of the nation. A nation on progressive path needs technically sound human resource for achieving multifarious technical capabilities, thereby, opening new prospective avenues for human welfare. With a vision to direct the development of technology and technical education in a direction which is generally worthwhile and challenging, the LNCT Group was established in 1993. Jai Narain College of Technology, Bhopal being a part of this endeavour, is committed to give knowledge, wisdom and character and to impart the best quality technical education and personality behaviour. I am proud to say that JNCT is following the principles and policies of LNCT Group meticulously and moulding the students for a dynamic change with life-long skills, character and desire for continuous learning and improvement with world class outlook. I extend a hearty welcome to all those who wish to join LNCT Group family.

Jai Narain Chouksey
Chairman and Managing Trustee
LNCT Group, Bhopal