Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC)

Head of The Department

Prof. Dr. Manish D. Sawale did his B.E. from Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg in 1999 and M.Tech from Maulana Azad NIT, Bhopal in 2006. He also did post graduate diploma in Embedded Systems from CDAC, Bangalore in 2002. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Adaptive Signal Processing from Maulana Azad NIT, Bhopal in 2014.

Dr. M. D. Sawale has vast experience in teaching to Electronics and Communication Engineering branch students. He has several research papers to his credit published in reputed national and international journals and presented in conferences. He has rich experience in imparting training in personality development and developing industry-institute relationship. His research interest includes Adaptive Signal Processing, Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers.

Department of Electronics & Communication(EC)

The Department of Electronics and Communication was established in 2003 and has grown to one of the best departments in the college. The faculty is highly qualified and laboratories are well equipped and maintained. The main laboratories in EC Department are:

Software Laboratory
Exclusive Software available in Software Lab are
  • The DSP Laboratory helps the students to have an idea in processor programming and also to implement the logic codes. The laboratory has about 30 systems with MATLAB software, DSP trainer and processor kits. The laboratory is fully conditioned with processor simulating tools.

  • FEKO
  • The Simulation software enable students to design, analyze & simulate and even compare with industry

Circuits Laboratory

This Laboratory includes Electronics Circuit, Electronics Devices and Design Laboratory. All types of measuring instruments and cathode ray oscilloscope, Power Supply, Multi-meters, function generators and various types of experimental kits are parts of this laboratory. Special consideration has been given in selecting the equipment in this laboratory so that the capabilities of the students are enhanced for designing basic analog circuits like oscillators, multi-vibrators, amplifiers, drivers etc.

Communication Laboratory

The experiments in this laboratory enable the students to gather basic knowledge on communication systems. Here they can perform different experiments which are the fundamental blocks of any modern communication system used. The experiments include study of AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PSK, PAM, PWM, TDM, FDM etc. The students also learn the designing of Analog to Digital Converter, Digital to Analog Converter etc

Digital Circuits Laboratory

Introduction to the vast world of digital electronics is given in this laboratory. It can support different experiments using discrete components and ICs, which are commonly used in industries and laboratories.

Microwave & Antenna Laboratory

Microwave Test Benches operating in the X band with all the associated components and with facility to conduct experiments using Gunn Oscillator and Klystron Oscillator Sources enable the students to carry out a variety of experiments. A full fledged set up with X- band antenna and turn table provide facilities to carry out radiation pattern measurements. CADFEKO software for simulations is also a part of this laboratory. Some important microwave experiments like VSWR measurement and study on Horn antenna can also be conducted in this laboratory.

Instrumentation and Measurement Laboratory

Objective of this laboratory is to make the students conversant with the Industrial instruments, which are used to measure and control the basic parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, level moisture etc. The students are taught about how the Instruments are calibrated, maintained through different experimental set-ups. This laboratory also familiarizes the students with different characteristics (Static and Dynamic) of instruments.