It is mandatory for the students to maintain discipline in and outside the campus. He/She has to follow at the rules and regulations of the institute. The flouting of the rules and regulations would invite severe disciplinary action, such as disqualification, suspension. expulsion or rustication etc. If the student is awarded any punishment on disciplinary ground then he/she shall riot be eligible for any refund or entitled to get any certificate such as bona-fide, character others.

1. Incase where attendance of the students is poor i.e. less than 75%as per the ordinance of the University.
2. The student can be disqualified and suspended expelled on account of his/her misconduct. poor academic performance, rude behaviour or non-payment of dues. However, the final decision will be at the discretion of the Principal/Management of the college.
3. The information given In the Application Form is found incorrect, false or misleading.
4. Misbehaviour with any employee of the institute.
5. The Students is found involved in agitation, political activities, unhealthy propaganda or any act that may defame the Institute.
6. The Students is found addicted to intoxicating material or involved in smoking, gambling or any immoral act.
7. The Student is involved in ragging, man handling or harassing other students or any other violent activity.


Ragging is completely banned in the institution. The institution follows Zero Ragging” policy. In case the student is found to have been indulged in the ragging of any form, in or outside the campus, in the past or later is has been found that he is indulged in ragging. The students is liable to be expelled/rusticated from the institution and the case may be reported to the police. If necessary, further action can be taken as per the directives of MP Human Rights Commission, MP Govt. Hon Apex Court or any other statutory body. The punishment can also be imposed in the form of (i) withholding scholarship or any other benefits. (ii) withholding results (iii) suspension from the institution (iv) debarring from representation in event (v) debarring from campus interview etc, or in any other form recommended by the committee appointed by the Principal or Management


1. Students are required to attend at least 75% of lectures in each subject and practical separately. However, maximum condo-nation of 15% absence can be considered as per the Ordinance of the University, on the merit of the case.
2. Leave, other than vacation, will not be encouraged. Parents and guardians are requested not to encourage their wards to take leave from the college. The leave is admissible only with the prior written permission of the Principal/OSD only on very exceptional circumstances, but minimum requirement of the attendance will have to be fulfilled mentioned in (1) above. The sanction of the leave does not mean the presence in the class.
3. Students absenting themselves form the classes, without application/prior permission, shall be punished as per decision of the Principal/Management.
4. Students remaining absent from classes for longer duration are liable to be removed from the college.


i) The identity Card is issued for full term of the course to the bona-fide students.
ii) It is mandatory for the students to carry valid identity Card in the Institute Premises.
iii) Books will be issued only after producing the Identity Card to the Library Staff.
Procedure for the issue of Duplicate Identity Card : Request for the issue of duplicate identity card from the students will be entertained only after production of :-
a) Copy of complaint to police for loss of identity card.
Submission of Affidavit from Notary for such loss.
b) Deposit of an amount Rs. 100/- in the Accounts Section. After that the students has to submit an application to the Principal/OSD which will be forwarded to the Registrar for obtaining the duplicate Identity Card. This procedure is also applicable in case of the replacement of worm-out or mutilated Identity Card (except a).


The students will not be permitted in the college premises without the prescribed uniform. If the student does not come to the college in the prescribe uniform, it will be treated as an act of indiscipline..


The Principal of the college reserves the right to remove any student and inflict other punishments (such as warming. fine. restricting entry to the college or hostel premises. suspension or rustication) for:

1. Failure to pay college, hostel or other fees in time.
2. Failure to execute an undertaking by the parents/guardian of the student within 15 days of the date of admission.
3. Unsatisfactory conduct or behaviour.
4. Being involved or having been involved in the past or present in criminal cases.

5. Consuming or found in possession of Narcotic Drugs. Liquor in any form, Smoking & Chewing Tobacco etc.
6. Indulging in an activity affecting the reputation of the college.
7. Indulging in violence against other students, college employees or other persons.
8. Damaging Equipment, Vehicles, Structure or Property of the College.


Principal of the college has the exclusive powers to rusticate a student, if, in his opinion, the student behaves in a manner subversive to discipline or commits grave misconduct.


1. Every student, before his admission to the college, must satisfy the Principal, that he/she has sufficient means to bear the expenses during the full duration of the course of his studies.
2. In general, the candidate will not be given No-Objection Certificate for seeking transfer to any other institute during the course of study.
3. After all seats are filled, no application for admission shall be entertained on any ground whatsoever. The decision of the Principal of the college in all matters relating to admission shall be final.
4. In case, there is a change of address of the student (local/permanent) or the Mobile No’s/ Telephone No’s, it is mandatory for him/her to inform the institution about the changes, otherwise disciplinary action will be taken.


All eligible students who desire to seek admission to higher class in the beginning of the new session must themselves registered as per University rules by filling in a registration form and paying the required college tuition and other fees, then and then only he will be permitted to attend the higher class.


1. Students should have good behaviour, show diligence in studies, maintain decorum and dignity, take proper interest in co-curricular activities and observe all rules of discipline.
2. If a student is found guilty of breach of discipline within outside the premises of the University of Institution, of persistent Idleness or Misconduct, the Head of institution according to nature and gravity of the offence, may give appropriate punishment.
(a) Suspension of such a student from appearing at the ensuing examination.
(b)Rustication of such a student.
3. Before giving any punishment as aforesaid. the Head of the Institute shall give the student concerned an opportunity of personal hearing and record the reasons for inflicting the punishment, in writing.
4. The Head of the institution concerned shall have power to suspend the student for such time as deemed necessary temporarily from the Institution pending enquiry into his conduct in connection with the alleged offence. The period during, which a student remains suspended for completion of enquiry shall be reckoned in calculating his attendance for appearing in the examination, provided he is found innocent.
5. A student who has been rusticated shall not be admitted to another Institution within the jurisdiction of the University. Ordinarily, the period of rustication shall not exceed two years. Other Universities shall be informed of the fact of the rustication.
6. The rustication of student from the Institution shall entail the removal of his name from the registered list of enrolled students.
7. Accident Insurance Policy: As per regulations the students are insured for Accident Insurance Policy together with their parents/Guardians. Therefore, it is mandatory on the part of the students to declare the name & age of such person (Father /Mother/Guardian)to whom he/she want to get insured with him/her.


Student admitted to hostel will follow all the rules specified in the attached hostel rules.


Bus is compulsory for all the students. While traveling in the College Bus any indiscipline like using mobile high volume & talking with each other in high tone any indiscipline etc. If reported will be dealt accordingly. Any indecent act in the college bus will be treated as act of indiscipline in the Institute campus.
We, hereby, fully confirm to be committed to follow the above mentioned rules & regulations.