Engineering Chemistry

Head of The Department

The Engineering Chemistry Laboratory of Jai Narain College of Technology was established in 2003 With a mission to impart high quality technical education to the students, the Department of Engineering Chemistry has a well qualified faculty with specialized experience in the fields of physical, organic, inorganic and environmental chemistry .The laboratory of engineering chemistry has advanced equipments and rich library to inculcate scientific outlook, skills of observation and problems solving which allow the students to seek innovation in today’s fast changing technological age. The laboratory is stocked with all kinds of chemicals and organic compounds for carrying our various experiments prescribed by the University. Some of the equipment available in the chemistry laboratory include Abels apparatus, Penskey Martin apparatus, cleaveland apparatus, Hot air oven. Quality of water related tests like hardness, alkanity are also carried out in chemistry laboratory.

Dr. Meghana Dubey

DR Meghna dubey joined Jai Narain College of Technology, Bhopal in 2003. She had obtained her Ph.D. from Dr Harisingh Gour University, Sagar. She has been teaching courses in applied chemistry and analytical chemistry to B.E. students. She has published 20 research papers in prestigious international and national journals. She has very keen interest in the field of science education and environment and has organizes many seminars/conferences and Techfest in these area.